ISIL’s on the verge of defeat in southwest Syria as SAA troops keep advancing

The ISIS-affiliated Jaysh Khaled bin Walid forces are on the verge of defeat in southwest Syria after suffering more setbacks in the Yarmouk Basin region this week.

Backed by heavy airstrikes, the Syrian Arab Army’s 4th Armored Division and Tiger Forces continued their push to the borders of the occupied Golan Heights and Jordan this morning after another successful night.

Following the liberation of the Sahm Al-Joulan Dam and its corresponding town, the Syrian Arab Army announced the capture of the Sayhoun Valley in the Yarmouk Basin region.

With these areas liberated, the Syrian Arab Army has managed to take control of over 50 percent of the Islamic State’s southwestern Syria pocket.

These major losses have left the Islamic State with very little wiggle room in southwest Daraa, as they prepare to make their last stand in the mountains overlooking the borders of Jordan and the occupied Golan Heights.

The Syrian Army has called on the Islamic State to surrender their last positions in southwest Syria; however, the terrorist group has refused to give up their fight.

Ultimately, the Islamic State fighters in southwest Syria will have to either surrender or face death because their terrorist organization doesn’t control any significant portion of land to be transferred to.

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