ISIL’s ‘Rambo’ Killed in Battles South of Mosul



A notorious ISIL commander who was also among the inner ring of ISIL Leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi’s most trusted men, was killed during clashes with Iraqi security forces South of Mosul.

Abu Iman al-Mouseli, who was also called ‘Rambo’ by ISIL militants for his bulky build, was killed in an attack by Iraqi security forces in the vicinity of Shoura region, South of Mosul.

Al-Mouseli was in charge of ISIL’s special security unit, formed to provide an increased protection for the ISIL-held Mosul against impending attacks by the Iraqi Army forces.

The report about the death of the senior ISIL commander comes as earlier this month sources in Western Iraq said leader of the ISIL terrorist cult Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi succumbed to his last month’s fatal injuries and died in a region along the border with Syria.

“Al-Baghdadi had been severely wounded in the Al-Anbar battle in Western Iraq last month, and his wounds were so lethal that he could not at all move freely,” a local Iraqi source told the Arabic service of the Russian Sputnik news agency.

The source said despite long treatment in Mosul, the general health conditions of the ISIL leader deteriorated due to “a deep abdominal cut, damage to his liver and crippling wounds in his left limbs”.

The source said Al-Baghdad lost his life in the town of Al-Be’aaj some 100km (60 miles) West of Mosul near the border with Syria, but his death is concealed to avoid the loss of morale among ISIL ranks who are faced with a tough war in Mosul and Syria these days.

There have been numerous reports on the fate or location of the ISIL leader in the last two years. As the war ravages over the self-proclaimed capital of the terrorist cult, Mosul, in Western Iraq, Arab media sources said yesterday al-Baghdadi had fled to Raqqa in Syria before the Iraqi army started its operations in Mosul, but his wife was taken.

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