ISIS militants chased out of another two key towns in central Syria


The Syrian Arab Army, backed up by strikes from the Russian Aerospace Forces, has liberated another two towns in central Syria from besieged ISIS fighters today.

Advancing across the rolling semi-grasslands of north-central Homs, the Syrian Army succeeded in liberating the settlements of al-Shandakhyah and Abu Taraha, chasing out ISIS militants after Russian pre-assault airstrikes shattered their positions.

The securing of these towns now brings the total tally of settlements liberated in central Syria over the last 48 hours to fourteen.

According to military sources, the Syrian Army killed at least five terrorists and destroyed two armed Toyota pickups belonging to ISIS.

Though a secondary front compared to the resource-heavy campaign in Deir Ezzor Governorate, the Syrian Army and its allies continue to make steady progress in central Syria, liberating anywhere between three to seven towns per day on average over the last week.

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