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Islam, best option for a new Tunisia

Islam is the best path for the Tunisian revolution and the rest of the Arab and Muslim world, not the methods prescribed by the West, an activist says.

“We say that only Islam will bring peace and tranquility and freedom to our people, not secularism, not dictatorship, not any other secular ideology supported by the West,” Osman Bakach from the Liberation Party said.

“Muslims are fed up with these dictatorial regimes and we will not stop until Islam and only Islam is back in power,” he added in an interview with Press TV.

Bakach pointed out his party wants “the masses to be aware of the plot now being planned by the security intelligence in Algeria, Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia with the help of the Americans and the French to sabotage, undermine and steal the fruit of this blessed revolution.”

“Though the [former Tunisian] regime hangs on a bit through the prime minister now, the fact remains that this revolution has succeeded in toppling dictator Ben Ali and as such gave hope to the rest of the region that this is the way for liberation,” he argued.

Former Tunisian president Ben Ali’s 23-year rule came to an end after weeks of street protests culminated in the victory of a popular revolution. His era was marred by numerous human rights violations and acts of torture.

Over 100 people have been confirmed dead in the weeks of unrest which had engulfed the North African country.

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