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Islamic Iran Capable of Repairing Boeing 747


Iran is now able to fix Boeing 747 passenger planes thanks to the sanctions imposed by the US on Iran’s air industries, an Iranian aviation official announced on Saturday.

“Imposing sanctions on the air industry (of Iran) by the US has made the Iranian experts acquire the knowledge and know-how for repairing Boeing 747 airplanes, “Spokesman of Iran’s Aviation Organization Reza Jafarzadeh told FNA.

In reaction to the US sanctions, Iran’s experts, both in the private and governmental sectors, have gained desirable success in the repair and maintenance of all giant planes and even in overhauling Boeing 747 airplanes inside the country, he added.

Jafarzadeh also blasted the US sanctions on Iran’s aviation industries, reminding that the move runs counter to the humanitarian slogans chanted by Washington and has, meanwhile, inflicted heavy losses on such US companies as Boeing.

The Iranian Foreign Ministry had also earlier condemned western sanctions on Iran’s aviation industries, reminding that the move is a violation of human rights.

“There is no logical reason for sanctions and sanctions against civilian aircrafts is a breach of human rights,” the ministry spokesman, Hassan Qashqavi said.

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