Islamic Iran MP: Iran-Pakistan cooperation guarantees regional security, stability

Head of Iran-Pakistan Parliamentary Friendship Group, Ali-Akbar Aqaie, said on Monday that Tehran-Islamabad cooperation would guarantee security and stability of the region.

Aqaie told Pakistani Ambassador in Tehran Khalid Aziz Baber that Iranian Majlis deputies favor expansion of Tehran-Islamabad cooperation.

He said Tehran and Islamabad can guarantee security and stability of the region, fight terrorism as well as smuggle of narcotic drugs through close cooperation.

He added that the two sides should not let bullying powers divide them.

Khalid Aziz for his part appreciated Iran for its humanitarian assistance to Pakistani flood-torn people, saying the Islamic Republic of Iran has always been a pioneer in providing aid to Pakistanis and “has never left us alone.”

Calling mutual bonds “unbreakable”, he hoped that the two countries should upgrade mutual ties in all areas.

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