Islamic Iran to respond to any US move: Larijani

If America makes a cost for us, it will not go out without cost, IRI Majlis (parliament) Speaker Ali Larijani assured.

In an interview with al-Alam news channel, Larijani regarded America’s different hostilities against Iran including different kinds of sanctions as fruitless, saying: “We expelled a big dictator from Iran’s soil, but America instead of saying that the Iranian nation has the right to have democracy, has confronted Iran’s democracy. This is the same mistake that Americans are making at the moment in dealing with Arab countries.”

“It is strange that America is silent about hundreds of Israel’s nuclear heads and doesn’t say anything about the nuclear weapons of India and Pakistan, but makes so much troubles regarding Iran’s peaceful program,” he added.

Majlis Speaker regarded America’s recent accusation against Iran as the result of their disappointment in Arab countries and Middle East revolutions, saying: “The very CIA experts reject this accusation and consider linking it with Iran as stupid.”

“America aims to sow discord among Islamic nations, and Saudis should be on the alert for America’s conspiracy,” Larijani added.

Regarding the difference in views of Iran and Saudi Arabia about Bahrain, he said: “We might have different views on different issues. If we have different views on the issue of Bahrain, we should see what the Bahraini people want.”

Larijani considered the continuity of American presence in Iraq as paving the way for spreading terrorism in the region and said: “If Americans withdraw from Iraq, the issue of terrorism will be solved and the Iraqi people will be able to confront a handful of terrorists.”

At the end, Majlis Speaker underlined Iran’s readiness for continuing dialog with 5+1 group, adding: “The West says we are worried that Iran would probably deviate from its nuclear program one day.”

“They say only one word and that word is Iran shouldn’t have nuclear technology,” he pointed out.

“We do not oppose real negotiations and they should be in a correct framework,” Larijani added.

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