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Islamic Jihad: Armed Resistance Our First Choice, We Won’t Bargain on Our Rights

Islamic Jihad Palestinian Resistance movement stressed on the 72nd anniversary of Nakba that the armed resistance is its first choice.

In a statement on the occasion, the movement said it will not bargain on the rights of Palestinian people at any expense.

The movement affirmed that the right to liberate entire Palestine, voicing categorical rejection to all attempts of division or annexation of the Palestinian territories by the Zionist occupation.

“Entire Palestine from the sea to the river is one right. We won’t be calm before the whole liberation. This is an ideology which we teach to our children.”

“Resistance with all its forms is a legitimate right for our people,” the Islamic Jhad said, voicing determination to keep up the resistance.

“Armed resistance is our first choice, and building our capabilities is the major priority despite hard conditions.”

The movement, finally, called for unity between Palestinian Resistance factions, urging an end to all forms of so-called cooperation between the Palestinian Authority and the Zionist occupation.

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