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Islamic Jihad: General Suleimani’s Fingerprint All over Axis of Resistance

The fingerprint of martyr General Qassem Suleimani was all over the Axis of Resistance, Secretary General of Islamic Jihad Palestinian resistance group Ziad Nakhale said.

As he offered condolences over the martyrdom of the commander of IRGC’s Quds Force, Nakhale said that General Suleimani has offered all forms of support to the Palestinian resistance, including military and financial support.

“Gaza and its resistance used to benefit from the support offered by Hajj Qassem Suleimani,” the Islamic Jihad S.G. said during a visit to General Suleimani’s family.

“We’ll be loyal to Hajj Qassem and Iran. When Palestinian resistance factions come to visit the house of Hajj Suleimani, they do so in terms of loyalty to this man.”

Meanwhile, Nakhale stressed that the Resistance flag won’t come down, vowing that the Palestinian Resistance will continue the path till the liberation of Al-Aqsa holy mosque.

Missing Hajj Qassem Suleimani was heartbreaking, he said.

On Saturday, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) announced that Brigadier General Esmail Ghaani was named the new commander of the elite Quds Force, marking a new era for this Iranian special forces division.

Like his predecessor Major-General Qassem Soleimani, Ghaani was involved in several conflicts in the Middle East over the years, including both the Iraq War (2003-2010) and Syrian War (2011-Present).

According to the Fars News Agency, Ghaani was considered the second in command after Soleimani in the Quds Force and a close confidant of the late general, with the two becoming friends in 1983.

Ghaani has a long history in the IRGC, as he has held roles as high as the chief-of-staff position for the Revolutionary Guard’s intelligence division.

In the past, Ghaani has displayed a similar attitude towards the Palestinian cause, echoing his predecessors stance on fighting Israel, the Fars Agency reported.

While very little information was revealed regarding Iran’s decision to name Ghaani as the new commander of the Quds Force, Iranian sources suggest that he had been in line for years to take over the position should something happen to Soleimani.

The two generals often traveled together to Syria, Lebanon, and Iraq, with Ghaani assuming the role as his most trusted adviser.

Very little is expected to change under the new leadership of Ghaani, as he has been described as similar to Soleimani in both thought and decision-making.

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