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Islamic Jihad: Latest Gaza Escalation Was Just Drill with Live Ammunition!

Secretary General of Islamic Jihad Palestinian resistance movement Ziad Nakhale stressed that the ‘great battle’ with the Zionist entity is coming, noting that just few hours had kept the resistance apart from striking Tel Aviv in the latest Israeli aggression on Gaza.

In an interview with Beirut-based Al-Mayadeen TV channel, Nakhale said: “The great battle with the Zionist enemy is certainly coming and the Palestinian resistance is fully ready to this battle.”

“Few hours kept us apart from striking Tel Aviv,” he said, referring to the ceasefire brokered by Egypt in a bid to end the aggression on the besieged enclave.

“Israel targeted civilians in Great March of Return protests intentionally, prompting us to snipe Israeli soldiers.”

“The latest escalation was just a drill with live ammunition in preparation for the great battle.”

Nakhale noted that there are implied agreements between the Palestinian factions to retaliate for any Israeli aggression, revealing that both Islamic Jihad and Hamas resistance movements agreed in Cairo to activate the joint operations room in a bid to hit back at the Zionist attacks.

In this context, the Islamic Jihad’s S.G. thanked Hamas movement’s chief in Gaza, Yahya Sinwar over the full cooperation in confronting the Israeli aggression.

As he praised the relation with Hamas, Nakhale warned that the Zionist entity repeatedly attempts to sue discord between the two resistance movements.

On the Return marches, Nakhale stressed that the border protests will go ahead, warning the Israeli enemy that its way of dealing with Palestinian protesters will determine the nature of the Palestinian resistance reaction towards the occupation.

“Gaza is still the most heated (front) with the Zionist entity,” Nakhale said, praising the courage of Gaza resistance fighters.

On the relation with Iran, Nakhle said the movement had no contact with the Islamic Republic, but stressed that contacts are always ongoing. He added that the Palestinian resistance group holds regular meetings with Hezbollah officials and figures.

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