Islamic Republic of Iran busts Mossad-affiliated terror network

A large terrorist network affiliated to the Israeli spy agency Mossad has been busted by the IRI Intelligence Ministry, the ministry said in a statement Tuesday.

Several super-security operation cells run by the network have also been identified and dismantled and scores of operatives have been arrested in this relation, the statement added.

“After months of intensive investigation, an Israeli affiliated network was identified running terror cells in several border and central cities,” the statement said, adding that a regional headquarter located in a neighboring country was operating the cells.

The network has placed some of its cells on standby for a series of terror operations across Iran days before being dismantled, the statement said, adding that a notable amount of heavy explosives, different types of machine guns, silencer-fitter revolvers, military equipments, and telecommunication gears were recovered from the terror cells.

More details about the busting operation will be released in the near future, the statement said.

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