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Islamic Unity conference wrapped up by releasing final statement


The 28th Islamic Unity Conference was closed by releasing its final statement, reported Taqrib news Agnecy (TNA). Participants including prominent religious clerics and elites in the three-day conference discussed different proposed articles and conducted research results so as to find solution and roadmaps for reasoning out the standing problems the World of Islam is mired in.

The participants in the statement gave central role to the standing commonalties exist among Muslims, placing stress on the necessity and prime importance of unity and rapprochement among Islamic denominations as a way for fulfilling the set objectives in the World of Islam.

The participants underscored this very line that it is incumbent upon Muslims form different Islamic denominations and sects so as to refrain from any measures which in turn led to dispersion and division among Muslims.

The released final statement slammed severely the crimes, vandalism and massacre perpetrated by the regime of Zionism against the oppressed people of Palestine. The participant underscored this very line that the unity activists and religious clerics back the fundamental rights of Palestinian nations and lay emphasis on the role of Palestinian nations in determining their future.

Clerics also demanded international organizations human rights foundations to castigate the officials of regime of Zionism and those behind splitting innocent peoples’ blood in the occupied land of Palestine.

The participants spurred on Muslims to respect other religions’ holy concepts and each other’s takes and thoughts. They called on Muslims to avoid any pejorative terms or insulting each other. They encouraged Muslims from different Islamic sects to team up and work in tandem.

In this regard, they demanded Muslims to abide by the orders and advices of the supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei.

Religious clerics urged Muslims to increase their knowledge in different arenas, urging Muslims to abide and follow the Islamic teachings and instructions in their everyday lives.

In their line, no hiatus should exist in forwarding unity programs for putting an end to the present immutable enemies’ crimes which vindicated the fear of vindictive enemies including the regime of Zionism from Muslims’ unity.

They demanded leaders and religious clerics in the World of Islam to provide the ground for promoting unity so as to gain momentum and make inroads in different arenas.

They urged Muslims not to have disdainful manner, using vitriolic language against each other ; all the same, it is incumbent upon them to be mindful of prime importance and necessity of unity in the present situation.

The message stress the necessity of taking steps to face the enemies with the fiasco, taking part in different gatherings so as to preserve and uphold unity in a condition that the enemies of Islam did their best to hatch plots against Muslims.

The enemies want Muslims to plunge to moribund in different areas and realms. And in this regard, Sunni and Shia leader urged Muslims to stand against their enemies and their morbid fascination of Murder. To religious clerics, the extremist groups are hypocrite and it is incumbent upon Muslims to stand against brazen movements of enemies.

He urged Muslims to abide by the Islamic rules and religious values so as to vanquish their enemies by upholding unity and rapprochement.

Friday 9th January closed its three-day event in the Iranian capital of Tehran participated by 1300 Islamic figures from 69 countries across the world.

The participants discussed ways to promote unity and solidarity in the Muslim world and focused on problems facing the Islamic world, such as the threat posed by Takfiri militants.

They supported dialog, mutual understanding and national unity in Lebanon and along with the Lebanese government, army, people and resistance will stand against Zionist aggression, terrorism and extremism.

The participates also demanded the World Forum for Proximity of the Islamic Schools of Thought so as to evaluate the programs and activities forwarded by the established committee in the resistance arena.

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