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Israel bans entrance of medical devices to Gaza

The World Health Organization (WHO) said Friday that the Zionist regime’s authorities banned, for the fourth time in a row, the entrance of medial equipment and devices to the Gaza Strip.

Director of WHO’s office in Gaza Mahmoud Al-Thakir said the regime’s authorities banned Thursday the entrance of a big truck loaded with medical equipment and devices, special computers, and spare parts for damaged medical machines.

He said that it is the forth time that the Zionist regime’s authorities ban the truck from entering Gaza in six months, although the regime has approved its entrance.

He stressed that the Zionist authorities had no reason to prevent the truck from reaching Gaza, emphasizing that the health situation in the Strip was worsening continuously.

Many important medical devices in the Strip were damaged, including a mammogram device in southern Gaza, and dozens of X-ray and dialysis machines, and other devices used to treat cardio and diabetes patients, he noted.

He pointed out that the truck was donated by WHO to assist the health sector in Gaza.

Gaza’s hospitals are suffering from medicine and medical equipment shortage since Israel imposed a siege on the Strip in 2007.

Legal international organizations had said the health situation was worsening because the occupying regime banned the entry of medical equipments to Gaza and banned sick Palestinians from leaving the Strip to seek treatment abroad.

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