‘Israel behind Kennedy’s assassination’

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American political commentator Mark Glenn says Israel was behind the assassination of then US President John F. Kennedy fifty years ago.

“The strong circumstantial evidence points to Israel being the culprit in there of course even the fact that the Israeli lobby has such luck not only on Congress and on the executive branch of the US government but as well within the intelligence services,” Glenn told Press TV on Friday.

“It’s easy to see then why there would be very powerful, very interested parties here who want to make sure that the American people never find out about this particular aspect of President Kennedy’s foreign policy objectives,” he explained.

On November 22, 1963, Kennedy was killed by sniper Lee Harvey Oswald in Dallas. He was shot as he rode in an open car through the city.

Although official inquiries have determined former Marine Corps veteran Oswald was responsible for the assassination, Kennedy’s murder is still shrouded in mystery.

“Undoubtedly, there are elements within the United States government who assisted in this terrible act that took place,” Glenn said.

“They robbed the American people of probably the last real president that we’ve had at least in this century, who was willing to look out for American interests,” he added.

“The amount of evidence suggesting that Israel was behind the assassination of John F. Kennedy points as well to the assassination of his brother Robert Kennedy,” according to Glenn.

Kennedy was the fourth US president to be killed in office. Many refuse to believe the assassination could be the act of a single man.

And about this article an audience -Attar Shell Meshugaim- says “Israel was behind those killing. Why it is not surprising me?” !!!

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