Israel exploded dirty bombs in the Negev desert


Israel manufactured and detonated “dirty bombs” in the Negev desert, which is home to a large number of Bedouin Palestinians, a report says.

Tel Aviv used explosives laced with nuclear material to test the impact of crude nuclear weapons, according to a report published in the Haaretz daily newspaper on Monday.

During project Green Field, 20 detonations were completed, then radiation levels were measured via mini-drones and the force of the blasts was logged with sensors, the reported added.

The Israeli military has refused to comment on the tests.

The report said the project had been carried out by staff from Israel’s nuclear plant in the southern town of Dimona in 2014 following four years of testing.

Another project dubbed Red House was also carried out to examine the result of placing radioactive substances without detonating them in crowded areas, the report said.

According to the article, radioactive material was mixed with water and placed in the ventilation system of a structure that simulated a large crowded shopping center.

Israeli is widely thought to possess 200 to 400 nuclear nuclear warheads and refuses to either allow inspections of its nuclear facilities or join the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.

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