’Israel’ Fears Hizbullah’s Response: What’s Next?!


Hours after targeting several Islamic Resistance members in the Syrian Qunitera, “Israel” has avoided officially recognizing the aggression near the border with occupied Palestine. However, the Zionist entity kept its media confused by trying to answer: What is next?!

Meanwhile, the “Israeli” political and security leadership shocked its audience that fears another confrontation with Hizbullah.

In this context, the Hebrew media coverage was very curious, and expressed a great deal of stress and anxiety.

According to a number of “Israeli” commentators and military affairs correspondents, the “Israeli” army is fully aware that Hizbullah will inevitably respond.

They further mentioned that the army is waiting for difficult days of tension, anxiety and unprecedented alert, with an estimate that the response will not be immediate.
What enhanced the response possibility is Hizbullah’s first statement regarding the “Israeli” raid.

The “Israelis” understand that the “Israeli” aggression will not pass without a response.

In parallel, the Hebrew media confirmed that a state of panic and anxiety took over the settlements in the Golan and the Galilee, out of fear of Hizbullah’s response and repercussions.

This forced the “Israeli” military leadership to broadcast a reassure message that Hizbullah’s response will have another response from the Zionsit entity. They further asked the settlers not to open shelters and wait for security officials’ instructions in the settlements.

On the same level, the “Israeli” Security Minister, Moshe Ya’alon, refused to comment on media reports regarding the incident. “I don’t want to deal with the issue,” he said.

“If Hizbullah say their people were hurt in the targeted killing, let them explain what they were doing in Syria,” Yaalon told Radio Kol Chai, and noted “two days ago, we heard [Sayyed]Nasrallah says that Hizbullah’s elements are not present in the Golan, can he explain to us what happened?”
For his part, Brig. Gen. (reserve) Yoav Galant, a former frontrunner for the “Israeli” position of military chief of staff, said that “from incidents in the past, you can understand that sometimes the timing is not unconnected to the issue of elections,” Galant said on Channel 2 Sunday evening.

Galant was likely referring to the November 2012 Gaza martyrdom of Hamas military leader Ahmad Jabari, some two months before the January 2013 elections. “The timing of the assassination was not something that could only have been done on that date,” said Galant, who had previously served as the head of the Southern Command. Galant is running for a Knesset seat of a newly formed party called “Kulanu”.

The Likud rejected Galant’s comments out of hand, as did its opponents in the center-left Zionist Camp party.

For its part, “Israeli” Ynet daily highlighted that “The most intriguing question is what happens next.”

“It’s perfectly clear that Hizbullah is interested in creating a new balance of deterrence with “Israel”,” the daily mentioned.
“So what is likely to happen? H will not remain silent. In a few weeks, we may encounter an explosive device on the border fence with Syria, or on Mount Dov [Shebaa Farms], or perhaps even on the northern border with Lebanon. Another possibility is rocket fire towards population centers in the Golan,” it added.

Moreover, Ynet stated: “Hizbullah cannot let the deaths of five of its people, including the son of Imad Mughniyeh, pass by in silence, but it will hesitate to act in a way that will entangle it in a large-scale confrontation with “Israel”. The question is what will happen in this attempt at payback, and how “Israel” will respond. One way or another, the “IDF” will further increase intelligence activity over the coming days.”

The “Israeli” military analyst Alon Ben-David said the attack on Hizbullah procession will set a new equation.

“Israel’s” Channel Ten reported that the question that concerns “Israel” is “where and how Nasrallah will respond, with an estimate that the response is inevitable, but not an immediate.”

“In addition to its great arming, what Hizbullah has done in the last year, is to build an offensive force. One of Hizbullah’s principles is that of Ben-Gurion: to transfer the war to the enemy’s territory.”

According to the channel, ” Hizbullah is increasing its abilities enter through a large troop to “Israel” and control the settlements. The party feels confident because of its experience in Syria.”

“Hizbullah knows how to play this. This poses an additional challenge for the missile challenge that threatened us for years. So, frankly, we are in front of an organization that challenges “Israel” and make it not sure of the answers.”

In addition, the channel confirmed that “there is an armed missile organization with the ability to hit all over “Israel” by heavy rockets and also an offensive capability so that the party in the any future confrontation will seek to reach the Galilee.”

“Israel’s” Channel One considered that what happened confirmed that there has become a one Northern front.

Source: Al Ahed

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