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‘Israel incapable of waging war on Iran’


A political commentator tells Press TV that the Israeli regime is not capable of waging a long-term war against the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The US Senate Foreign Relations Committee has adopted a resolution to assist Israel in case of a military attack against Iran, as the Israeli regime repeats its military threat against the Islamic Republic. On Tuesday, the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee adopted “Senate Resolution 65,” according to which the US will provide the Israeli regime with diplomatic, economic and military assistance if Tel Aviv decides to launch an attack against Iran. Earlier, Israeli military Chief of Staff Lt. Gen Benny Gantz said on Tuesday that, “We have our plans and forecasts… If the time comes we’ll decide” on whether to take military action against Iran.

Press TV has conducted an interview with Randy Short, a political commentator in Washington, to further discuss why a nuclear-armed Israel threatens Iran continuously over its civilian nuclear program and also examine the ramifications of a US resolution that would unconditionally back Israel if it attacks Iran. The video also offers the opinions of one additional guest: Richard Millet, who is an author and journalist in London. The following is an approximate transcript of the interview with Short.

Press TV: Looking at Benny Gantz, the Israeli military chief, one year earlier, he described the Iranian government as rational; he said he would not believe that Iran would be going after a nuclear bomb and the leadership is composed. You have people like Richard Millet [the other guest on the show] who seem to think that Iran is not that based on whatever description that Richard Millet has attributed to Iran.

Short: He is entitled to his ideological slant but I do not know another country other than South Africa where Nelson Mandela when he came to power ended the nuclear program in South Africa to make weapons, everyone hailed Nelson Mandela as a great man.

It is ironic that Ayatollah Khomeini made the same step years before Mandela and they are still being vilified. It is quite rational for a country that was under attack and has been under attack for all of the existence of the Islamic Republic that they have run away from and refused to develop nuclear weapons; they have signed the anti-nuclear weapon proliferation treaty, something Israel has not done.

Israel has nukes; they do not submit to anything but they are rational. The International Atomic Energy Association has repeatedly even though their people cook reports for other powers shows that it is not trying to do this. So we have irrational government; we have a society that has not staged a war of aggression in over 200 years.

Contrast that with allegedly rational Israel which invades a lot of people or fights on a regular basis within the last 65 years. So if we are going to say who is rational, wouldn’t it be the society that seems to not attack its neighbors? Wouldn’t it be the nation that has opened up its nuclear facilities to be investigated? On top of that, there is an ideological bent that wants Iran to be wrong.

I happened to participate at an AIPAC event in 2005 where they claimed that Iran would have the bomb by 2010. It is 2013 and that has not happened and what is interesting to me is faults are against them, enriching nuclear … the reactors up to 20 percent when you need far more than that to make a bomb; everyone knows that; even a person like me who is not a scientist understands that people are not trying to make a bomb.

But it is irrational to kill the scientists; it is irrational to fund terrorists; it is irrational to manipulate a diaspora in America to be against a sovereign nation, Iran, without really any reason. It is constant provocation against the people of Iran and yet they do not want to have a bomb. You do not see anybody threatening North Korea.

Press TV: What do you think about Richard Millet’s remarks regarding Iran not being innocent?

Short: I think one person’s rubbish is another person’s treasure. You cannot tell me that the attacks on the Gaza Strip are defensive or the repeated invasions and incursions against Lebanon are defensive or the preemptive war against Egypt in 1967 as defensive.

Ben-Gurion and other leaders of Israel understood that they needed to be on a war footing to keep the people energized and charged up. There are more people in Israel who have set themselves on fire protesting the government of Israel, then anyone in Israel that has been hurt by anyone in Iran and the mistranslation that has been circulated all over the earth to impugn the character of President Ahmadinejad is shameful. There are different interpretations in translations of what it was that he said.

So we have got something that has been circulated to make people hate everyone in Iran and when one says that you are not angry at the Iranian people but you demonize the leadership in order to get a regime change like what people are trying to get in Syria, you exterminate the people. It is this humanitarian intervention to free the people from their so-called bad leadership means you have to have genocide against them.

So in that instance, it is very, very irrational to think that once we have seen it happen in Libya, once we have seen it happen in Iraq, once we have seen it happen in Syria, then we are going to be fools to walk down that path and not say that we are saying no to war for the state of Israel against Iran.

Now leave them alone. They are able to talk across the table; they are facing being surrounded by bases all against their country and yet they are not attacking others but they do support their Shia brothers and sisters the same way Jewish people support fellow Jews. It is inhumane to think that they would not support fellow Shiites; it shows a Talmudic slant where non-chosen people are seen as goy or cattle, subhuman; they do not have the right to have interest and only the apple of God’s eyes are chosen people; they are the ones who get to do everything.

They get to have the bombs that nobody will acknowledge that they have; they get to wage war but it is always defensive even when they are fighting women and children using white phosphorous, using illegal weapons against civilian populations, are violating their own treaties as they gobble up more and more of the West Bank. I mean, come on!

…[In response to Richard Millet’s comments] When you mention cancer my friend, they call the black Ethiopians a cancer. So they consider fellow Jews who are not their kind of Jews as a cancer. Africans in Israel are cancer. So what this term cancer is used and that is in Ha’aretz; that is in the Jerusalem Post. I do not go to Press TV.

If I simply read the Israeli press in America where that information is hidden from most Americans and a large number of American Jews are quite upset because they believe in Israel; they love Israel; they feels it is theirs and yet they see things that they have a hard time agreeing with.

And in the case of Iran, I believe right now, more so now than ever, the Iranian government and the people want peace. I believe the Israeli people who march by the hundreds of thousands, who are dealing with the economic issues in that country want peace. Nobody wants a war.

Ahmadinejad may say very strong things because he is a populist but Netanyahu says strong things. In Israel, people venerate Baruch Goldstein who massacred 29 Muslims in a mosque but that does not mean that everybody in Israel buys into that. There is diversity in Israel; there is diversity in Iran and frankly, I think that no one really wants a war.

Press TV: What do you think of Mr. Millet’s remarks?

Short: The sanctions are illegal. When someone says that they love Iranian people but think that sanctions are good thing, that punishes the people; that starves the people.

Mr. Hamid Emadi who is one of the news directors at Press TV, he is on Facebook and he lost a 7-year-old because he could not have the appropriate medicine. Hundreds of people in Iran, babies, women and mothers are dying because of the sanctions. People are losing their livelihoods because of the sanctions. These sanctions are illegal; these sanctions are wrong; these sanctions are a war crime; these sanctions, I am speaking as a Christian of Muslim and Jewish descent; it is a crime against God. I pray that God stops this; it is horrible what is happening to the people; people will be pushed to … they want people to riot over bread.

It is horrible; it is a provocation and yet Iran has gotten stronger. Now look, they have manipulated the gold market to prevent people from Iran from being able to buy medication or food. My God, leave them alone. They want peace; they do not want a bomb and these sanctions are human rights violations.

One day many leaders of the west will be in the docket for war crimes and crimes against humanity, against the people of Iran and Syria and Libya and Bahrain and all the other places in Iraq that have been invaded for these wars. It is horrible; it is a crime against God; it needs to stop now.

Press TV: What is your reaction to HR 65 because it says on self-defense and Israel of course is not a self-defense imposture.

Short: Israel really cannot wage any long-term war against a country the size of Iran, which means that it necessarily will fall in the backs of hungry Americans who are facing cuts and the Social Safety Net by this maniac called Obama, who hides behind his skin color and he is worse than Bush. The American people will suffer. There will be hunger.

The seniors will be euthanized where abortion is a family planning here. We do not need a war; we do not want to fund it. We need to build bridges and schools here. We need peace; we need bread; we need jobs and opportunities and we need to lock hands with our Jewish and Muslim brothers and live in a world for the peace not fighting for radical, rabid Zionism or any kind of fundamentalism whether it is capitalistic or the illuminati; enough of this. Humanity is sick of fanaticism.

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