‘Israel’ is No Longer Safe for Israelis

The line graph of the Palestinian defensive and offensive operations in face of the Zionist occupiers is ascending and may never descend anymore.

The main curve appeared when the Palestinian resistance opened fire, during Al-Quds sword Operation, at the occupation entity in defense of the Palestinian locals in Al-Quds City. The Palestinian missiles, fired from Gaza, hit Al-Quds and Tel Aviv, exemplifying the military power which would reverse the whole story.

The Zionist occupation in Palestine has taken two forms: classical through the army aa well as command and popular through the settlers. Thus, confronting this occupation has also required two forms: the resistance groups and the individual attacks launched by the civilians.

In this context, the stab and run over attacks were escalated to complement the military readiness of the Palestinian resistance in Gaza and Jenin, which is expected to undergo the same experience of Zionist torture inflicted upon the Strip. Occupied Palestine’s map shows that Jenin and Gaza can operate as pliers squeezing the Zionists in Tel Aviv and Al-Quds.

March, 2022, heralded the start of a new Palestinian resistance era. Individual fighters, holding all the required bravery, shrewdness and piety, are attacking the Zionist soldiers and settlers in the various occupied regions.

On March 22, 2022, the Palestinian ex-prisoner Mohammad Ghaleb Abu Qiaan carried out a dual car ram and stab attack on a number of Zionist setters in Beersheba, southern occupied Al-Quds, killing four of them.

Moreover, two ‘Israelis were killed in a heroic martyrdom attack in the city of al-Khedira on March 27 in the northern part of the occupied Palestinian territories.

It is worth noting that the Palestinian youth, Diyaa Hamarsheh, carried out on March 29 a shooting attack in Bani Brak area, Tel Avivi, killing five Zionist settlers and seriously injuring two others.

On April 7, Raad Hazem, 28, killed two Israelis and wounded 12 others when he opened fire on a bar in Tel Aviv’s Dizengoff Street. Hundreds of Israeli occupation security forces launched an all-night manhunt through the streets of Tel Aviv to search for him. He was located hours later, hiding near a mosque in Jaffa, and martyred in an exchange of fire with officers from the Yamam police unit and Shin Bet security service.

Palestinian Resistance repelled on April 9 an Israeli incursion into the refugee camp of Jenin, preventing the occupation forces from arresting the father of Raad Hazem, who carried out Tel Aviv operation. The Zionist media mentioned that the occupation forces will start a military operation in the refugee camp.

All the events mentioned above indicate that the Zionist entity is turning more fragile and that its security capabilities are getting weaker. In brief, the Israeli military and security agencies cannot protect the Israelis across the short-lived entity from the Palestinian classical and individual resistance.

Recent surveys have shown that a considerable percentage of the Zionists do not feel secure in the entity and resort to psychiatrists to overcome their disorders caused by the Palestinian attacks. In this regard, the Israeli media indicated that the chief of military staff Aviv Kochavi warned the Israeli intelligence agencies that more Israelis are feeling insecure in the entity. Kochave also questioned the Zionist intelligence about the case of anarchy which included the settlers and the security agencies as well after Dizengoff shooting incident.

Will the Israelis acknowledge the fact that their stay in occupied Palestine will lead them to their demise?

Source: Al-Manar English Website

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