Israel Launches New Attack on Syrian Army Positions in Quneitra to Support Terrorists


The Israeli air force launched fresh airstrikes against the Syrian army positions in Quneitra province on Wednesday night to support the terrorists, media reports said, adding that the air defense shield in Syria could repel a number of attacks.

Syria’s state news agency, SANA, reported on Thursday that the Israeli fighter jets fired several missiles at army positions near the town of Hazar and Tal Krom Jaba in Quneitra, leaving damage on properties.

It said along with the Israeli attacks, the terrorist groups targeted the village of Jaba with missile and artillery fire, destroying civilian houses.

Meantime, the Syrian army’s air defense system could repulse the Israeli attacks against Qars al-Nafal region in Quneitra.

Also, the Arabic-language website of Sputnik news agency reported that the Israeli air force has fired 3 missiles on the Syrian army positions near the town of Eastern al-Samdaniyeh in Quneitra, inflicting damages.

The offensive was launched after the Zionist regime claimed on Thursday that a drone entered the occupied territories airspace from Syria and was downed over Golan Heights by the Israeli missile shield.

Analysts believe that the new Israeli aggression against Syria which was conducted after the Syrian army gained big victories against the terrorists in Western Dara’a and Quneitra is aimed at heightening the terrorist groups’ morale after heavy defeats.

The Syrian army’s missile defense systems had last Sunday warded off an Israeli air raid on the country’s T4 airbase in Eastern Homs, targeting one of the regime’s fighter jets.

A military source was quoted as saying by the Arabic-language SANA news agency on Sunday afternoon that Israeli fighter jets fired several missiles at the T4 airbase in Eastern Homs but the attack was repulsed.

He added that a number of the fired missiles were intercepted and one of the invading warplanes was also targeted; other warplanes were forced to leave Syria’s airspace. There is yet no report on the fate of the targeted plane or its pilots.

Meantime, the Arabic website of Sputnik news agency quoted a military source as saying that the Syrian army’s air defense shield has intercepted 6 missiles which were fired from South of al-Tanf region against T4 airbase.

He added that the aggression was launched by 3 warplanes, noting that the air defense systems targeted one of them and forced others to withdraw.

The attack was launched as the Syrian army has inflicted heavy damage and casualties on the terrorist groups in Southern Syria, winning control over tens of regions, including the strategic al-Nasib passageway.

In a relevant development last Saturday, the Israeli troops targeted a position of the Syrian Army troops in the Southwestern province of Quneitra to assist Tahrir al-Sham Hay’at (the Levant Liberation Board or the Al-Nusra Front) terrorists that have suffered a heavy defeat in battle with the government forces, a media outlet reported.

Al-Mayadeen news network reported that the Israeli troops opened heavy fire at one of the positons of Tahrir al-Sham in Khan Arnaba region in Northern Quneitra after the government forces repelled a heavy offensive of Tahrir al-Sham in the region.

Al-Mayadeen further said that the Israeli attack did not leave any human casualties.

It went on to say that the terrorist groups in Quneitra had attacked the army stronghold in al-Ba’ath, Jaba and Tal Koroum regions before the Israeli troops launched their attack.

Al-Mayadeen further said that over 30 terrorists were killed or wounded in the militants’ failed attack on the army positions in three flanks near al-Ba’ath.

Meanwhile, field sources reported that Israeli troops launched artillery attack on Syrian army in Quneitra, adding that the Tel Aviv army forces transferred the wounded members of the terrorist groups from the Quneitra battlefield to occupied territories in Bariqa border region in Israel to treat them in their hospitals.

The sources went on to say that Israel has increased its backup for terrorists in recent weeks when Tahrir al-Sham intensified attacks on the safe villages and townships in Quneitra province.

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