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‘Israel’ Resorts to ‘Ghosts’ to Confront Hezbollah

The zionist occupation army has formed a new combat unit which will be used in any future war with Hezbollah, Israeli media reported on Tuesday.

The unit, numbered 888 and named ‘Ghosts’, combines advanced and diversified intelligence and aerial fire capabilities, according to a report by the website Walla.

Originally established in 2019, the unit was developed for “secret capabilities”. The report said senior officers and soldiers were recruited from other elite units in the army with the aim of developing the unit’s technological capabilities, and whose work will entail activating drones of various types, secret communication capabilities, and control and monitoring systems.

In the event of warfare, the unit would be tasked with tracking and monitoring “enemy forces” and revealing their locations, with a focus on Hezbollah’s elite units in southern Lebanon’s hilly terrain, according to Walla.

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