Israel to Morsi: Shalom Oh our ally…


I say to the bulls of Syria and their fellows, the members of the bull like herd that have filled Cairo and have came from parts of the world to fight on this holy land: One day the future generations will vomit your alleged victories and your forged freedom, and will pie on the pages of history books, where you are known of being real agents and of your indignity, submission, surrender and disbelief.
The Arab and Islamic nation has smashed through you all the records of decadence and has presented in the human history an unprecedented case of inferiority, subordination, desertion, fading, nihilism, barbarism, and primitiveness to the extent that made belonging to such a nation become something shameful, painful, disgraceful, and humiliating, for this nation is committing suicide, or has already did so. Today, the glories of the ancestors are trampled with the shoes and hooves of the bulls. All the meanings of pride, dignity, glory, stateliness, confidence, and self-righteousness are being raped; those terms and meanings that we have been taught since birth and have been skilled in school and they have became stuck in our minds through the books of history and nationalism all through the stages of our primary and secondary study and the stages of university.

Today, the truth over the hours and seconds are being raped, and those who believe in God, religion, land, soil, the rights of people, the just cause, the integrity of their goals, and the sanctity of their struggle became considered infidels and atheists and jihad is against them obviously. However, the killer, and even the ripper, who depicts his murder to show his crime to dozens of people while screaming “Allahu Akbar” (God is the greatest) and boasts that “being seen and praised by Allah” he has completed his crime and have killed people that have no fault except that they follow since birth another religion or sect, so this ripper becomes the victim of the brutality of the regime”. We are now living the time when a Sheikh boasts when slaughtering the imam of a mosque inside the mosque after slaughtering his child in front of his eyes, and another Sheikh of disbelief as Mohammed Hassan calls in public to fight away from sectarianism in an attempt to modify the conflict and to pretend that its causes are religious and ideological, and the “leaders” of the Arab and Islamic countries are competing and racing to record more shameful and infamous positions that rely in general on implementing the orders of the Zionist man, and always on sectarian takfiri basis.

The reality says without equivocation and apparently that a new phase has been launched yesterday at the Cairo International Stadium during the “historical” meeting, which has gathered several parties and its attendants were a list of qualities that cannot be counted or enumerated, but what comes on top of it is without any doubt the authorized treason of all the principles that are supposed to be forming the basis of the structure of the Islamic thought. They have had access in broad daylight to the squares of disbelieving in Allah through showing infidelity towards human beings and humanity simultaneously, as well as disbelieving in the divine teachings, which are supposed to be based on truthfulness, and Islam is supposed to be one of its sources and roots, through attempting to change those concepts in the minds of the people that believe in them and to rape the truth through a common-law marriage where the witnesses were a group of the Jews of Khaybar.

They raped the poor fact all together, and the first to do so was the talkative Morsi who has never been ashamed of practicing incest with it and of giving it after being finished to his partners in this incest alike Al-Qaradawi, Al-Arifi, Hassan, Al-Ajami and the rest of the bunch of adulterers.

It is the stage that it’s most prominent title is Islamic debauchery, immorality, obscenity, cruelty, ugliness, and dishonesty. It is said that a meeting was convened between people masked with malice, covered with hypocrisy, veiled with savvy, and penetrated with hatred to the extent of being ready to commit all the known immorality and sin in the whole universe, and to the limit of making the “Islamic” reason drown in successive bouts of unconsciousness, moral crisis, and madness through making it an obedient, servant, humiliated slave and submissive in the service of those who are said to be the enemies of Arabism and Islam. It is a puzzle towards which the minds and thoughts of the generations yet to come would be attracted, and it is the mystery that our grandchildren will be searching for its solutions in the coming years, and always unsuccessfully. This comes very simply because “Family disagreements are from the family itself” and because there are neither solutions, nor hope shining unless when removing religion aside and keeping it away from everything related to the political affairs, and it seems that we have no luck to live this stage in the near-term…

What was evident and clear in mind is that the mass crowd of bearded people in the Cairo Stadium were showing-off, entertaining, and repeating the purposes of its organizers. The goals and objectives have differed in some of their titles to meet under no title, but the supreme interest “that is not noble at all”, whether it was personal, factional, partisan, political, military, or tactical one, has always been based in argument and evidence on a sectarian religious takfiri basis.

Morsy has opened his mouth as much as possible and started to yell and the ears of the leaders of the enemy entity as well as the leaders of the protectors of their security in the West were enjoying listening to him, while he was trying to hit a flock of birds by one stone the moment his own interest and that of his Brotherhood party meets with the interests of Satan. I assert here that a group of the serfs of the enemy, its servants, its spies, and its tools were watching and the joy of what they believe to be as a coming victory was caressing their malicious souls. Also, I am confident that Saud al-Faisal was joyfully shimmying as well as the rest of the chieftains of Al-Saud, as if I was seeing also, “God knows”, behind the screen the chiefs of the almost subhuman dancing ecstatically and among them Al-Hamadeen, the Aristotle of the age, “Azmi”, Al-Thafiri, Krishan, Al-Qasim, Abdul Rahman Al-Rashed and the Middle East and Arabia team who were deceiving more. All the systems, assemblies, bodies, councils, ministries of Awqaf, and Al-fatwa associations all through the Islamic world celebrated yesterday the Day of divine victory on the disbelievers, and why not if the aim was to liberate Jerusalem starting from Damascus!! As well as, the aim was to bring all the usurped rights back to the Islamic and Arab peoples and also starting from the “Syrian occupied north”!

It must have been an eventful pleasant day for Khaled Meshaal, Haniyeh, Hamdan, and for all those who are leaving their deceptive resisting beards. It is also rumored, according to leaks close to those who have attended, that a group of the “workers” of the Mono Street in Beirut have spent a red night celebrating the event in one of the villas where a group of those who preach and spread the doctrine of takfiri Islam have met. They included Al-Asir, Al-Daher, and Al-Bakri, and it is said that the one who was singing in that red night was the one who is used to work with such workers and customers, Mujahid Fadel Shaker…

Here we must mention a little bit with deep disgust and revulsion the motives, objectives, and the desired outcomes of the sinful act by the herds of the fatwa that supports the Syrian people and call the Muslims from all the regions of the world to go to Syria for practicing jihad which has become “an obligation for all the Muslims and a tolerability and duty for the Muslims of Syria”, according to the jihadist disbelief of the Association of Muslim Scholars and its president, the Rabbi Yosef Al-Qaradawi…

As for Morsi and the brotherhood: It was a blatant, bright and comedian attempt from the one who has a face that clearly expresses presidential idiocy, (how funny to watch an idiot president addressing the crowds as a skillful leader while he is disgusting as he is being teased and ridiculed in secret and in public). He has never been in any case an exception to the rule that characterizes the kings, princes, sheikhs, and the pawns of chess those who are called metaphorically in the Arab world presidents, leaders, or kings. How much it is painful to face the truth that says that this “leader” or that is a Bedouin who claims to be following the path of the divine guidance and is passing through the pathways of Arabism while he is having dirty acts and is working as a boy in the service of the Great Satan. Only very few are worth being leaders and have had different presence, different speech, and different positions, including with no doubt the late Abdel Nasser, Al-Assad the father, and Al-Assad the son is still and will remain to be a thorn in their throats and a nightmare that haunts their beds. There is no doubt that his lion like feature was the important motivating factor that led to fighting him and cooperating with the Zionist will in order to seek to get rid of him.

Back to the talkative Morsi, he reviewed the lifting of the French mandate flag to bring back to mind the exploits of Khaled Mashaal and Ismail Haniyeh, he is the one who said loudly, “Syria is calling and we say oh Syria here we are”, and he is the one who inaugurated his “struggle for the sake of the Palestinian cause against the Israeli enemy via his famous message to “his dear friend Peres”. It should have been better for him in terms of his alleged Islamic Arab affiliation to hasten to implement and apply the appeals and slogans that Egypt’s brotherhoods kept on repeating during Mubarak’s term i.e. to close the Israeli embassy and to expel the Israeli ambassador. It would have been also better for those who gathered on a sectarian doctrinal takfiri basis to take the initiative to call for jihad against the real enemy of the Arab and Islamic nations and to liberate Jerusalem from the abomination of the occupier.

It is clear that the personal interests of the talkative Morsi have converged extremely with his brotherhood party that its beard men have echoed slogans such as “we are going to Syria… as millions of Mujahideen” in a blatant and open attempt to buy and sell in the market of the Syrian crisis to obtain tactical mass gains that could help in strengthening the pillars of the Brotherhood’s mangled, crumbling, obvious and blatant structure. Additionally, some of the symbols of the conference of takfir and atonement took the initiative to desecrate those who would take part in the demonstrations that would take place after two weeks.

The festival of bray which was attended and participated by Morsi was from its perspective an attempt to show off through the crowds and to intimidate his rivals and opponents who have been provoked by the call of jihad launched by the statement of the Islamist conspirators in Cairo. However, the response was by the leaders of the opposition and most of the leaders of their parties in addition to many sheikhs and professors of Al-Azhar who rejected and denounced it and exposed its careerist objectives. The opposition is also preparing for anger mass demonstrations led by a “rebelling movement” aiming at overthrowing the rule of the Muslim Brotherhood, on 30 June, for which a crowd of more than 15 million signatures have been gathered as supporters to its objectives or as willing to participate in it. This has itself formed a logical, rational and legal ground to discuss the constitutionality of the survival of Morsi in power by a group of legal and constitutional experts from the National Initiative for affirmative defense and the National Foundation for Law, which met to discuss ways and how to rely on the international law in the investment of these impressive results that surpass three million votes won by Morsi in the presidential elections.

As for the West and its tools outside the Syrian territory and inside it: the West is relying through the step of the brotherhood, by the spokesman Morsi, to increase pressure on the Syrian leadership to force it to make concessions with regard to freezing the Syrian military crawl towards the opposition strongholds that are scattered particularly in the rural areas of the major cities, and to develop operational plans for the battle of cleansing Aleppo and its surroundings in the secret cupboards of the Syrian Ministry of Defense until further notice, allowing the remnants of the Syrian opposition to go to Geneva “if this is going to happen and take place originally”, in a less vulnerable, weak, wrecked and feeble way.

On the other hand, the west is hoping that the takfirist overall call to practice Jihad on the Syrian territory would be an important factor in increasing the number of jihadist herds that seek grazing in Syria’s farms, when the heroes of the Syrian army will rape the pastures as a whole. The West is perhaps relying on forcing the Syrian leadership and Hezbollah to think seriously in isolating Hezbollah’s fighters and keeping them away from the Syrian territory, and this will never happen for the battle of the party along with the Syrian army is the battle of defending the existence and presence. It is a battle where there is no discussion, no doubting, no hesitation, and no complacency whatever the price was. All the prices that would be paid by both parties due to going ahead with this alliance that reaches to the end of identification are tolerated, endured, and passing and are not compared to the loss of the two parties if the demands of the parties of the hostile alliance against the axis of resistance have had responses to stop the resisting holy crawling until sterilizing the homeland fully from the abomination of atonement.

This feeling that dominates and encases the homeland and the people of the country these days have been really a bitter taste, except those who have lost the sense of taste or flavor. How painful, heart hurtful, and inflammable are those emotions felt by the nation and drawing it and its people; its soil has became satisfied with them, its sky is tearing because of them, and its rivers, lakes, and springs are stopping to mix hydrogen with oxygen to protest against and grieve over what is befalling its entire people embracing it. Water has had another taste that is bitter than the taste of gall, expect for those one who have lost passion and feelings due to the instinct sectarian hatefulness or because they were given money and have thus lost the sense of taste, passion, belonging, and humanity at a moment that can never be called but only a mad historical stage where the compass is lost as well and the place where religion was surrounding the sea and has become missing after diving in the bottoms of the eternal darkness through taking history back until reaching the age of darkness.

Being lost and not finding the docks of safety and the marinas of the homelands leads oneself willingly or unwillingly to find himself mooring in Tel Aviv to pray on Saturday at the Wailing Wall, thinking that he is as if praying at Al-Aqsa Mosque. Look for Zionism in all what you see, hear, and read … you will find it ye men of understanding, and when Israel sent those greeting to Morsi and his comrades it made that because it is aware that the seed is simply … a Zionist one.

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