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‘Israel’ Will Be in Stone Age after Any War with Hezbollah: Former Zionist Military Ombudsman

The former Zionist military ombudsman Isaac Brick indicated that the Israeli government and security agencies preferred to surrender to Hezbollah threats and approve the indirect deal aimed at demarcating borders with Lebanon in order to avoid any confrontation.

Brick stressed that the military confrontation with Hezbollah will inflict heavy losses upon ‘Israel’, underlining the massive destruction across the occupation entity that will be in the aftermath of any war.

The Zionist retired officer questioned the efficiency of waging a war that returns Lebanon to the Stone Age if ‘Israel’ will move to the same era as well.

Hezbollah accumulated a huge military power that can never be repelled by ‘Israel’, according to Brick.

Arab affairs expert, Uram Shaferts, said that Hezbollah major achievement is reaching victory without a war, adding that Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah managed to strike the Israeli collective conscience.

The US mediator Amos Hochstein will arrive in Beirut on Wednesday to hand the final draft of the maritime deal to the senior officials, knowing that the final stage will witness signing the official document of the indirect agreement in Naqoura on Thursday. The Zionist PM Yair Lapid said that ‘Israel’ will sign the deal on Thursday.

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