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Israeli Air Force Can No Longer Confront Hezbollah Missile Power: Zionist Military’s Former Ombudsman

After exposing the weakness of the Zionist infantry troops, the former IOF ombudsman, Yitzhak Brick, highlighted the inability of the Israeli air force to confront the rocketry threat of Iran and Hezbollah.

Brick considered that the Israeli chiefs of staff had failed to address the weaknesses detected in the air force, adding that arrogance was behind the decline of the dexterity of the Zionist warplanes.

The former IOF ombudsman explained that the war jets take a long time to attack the target detected by the drone, especially when they move against mobile targets.

Meanwhile, Brick indicated that Iran and Hezbollah have developed their rocketry power, highlighting the threat of their precision-guided missiles to the vital facilities across the Zionist entity.

Brick added that Hezbollah would fire thousands of surface-to-surface and anti-ship missiles every war day at the Zionist entity, adding that it would also launch the drone attacks to inflict more losses upon the Israelis.

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