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Israeli army using lethal weapons against demonstrations

The Israeli army has been using banned weapons, such as Alroger and Toto bullets, to break up peaceful demonstrations by Palestinians in the West Bank, Israeli media said.

The Hebrew daily Haaretz reported Sunday that Israeli occupation forces (IOF) have “extensively and consistently” been firing Toto bullets to break up Palestinian demonstrations to protest the separation wall in the towns of Bilin and Nilin near Ramallah.

The practice is contrary to directives given by Israeli Military Advocate General Avichai Mandelblit and his predecessor Menachem Finkelstein, who both decided to prohibit the use of these bullets, except in cases in which live ammunition is used, the source added.

Alroger and Toto are metal bullets fired from a 0.22 inch caliber, classified by the Israeli army as a non-lethal weapon. But several cases have been recorded of Palestinians who died after being hit by such bullets.

In a separate incident, Israeli radio reported earlier that two Israeli border guard soldiers were slightly wounded in west Jerusalem after they were hit by a car carrying Palestinians workers who did not have work permits.

Police forces later claimed they found the car and arrested six Palestinian workers inside it.

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