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Israeli Refugee in Lebanon!!


Simon Daniel Saadati is the Zionist settler who climbed the border fence at Ras al-Naqoura and entered south Lebanon illegally. Reasons behind jumping to the Lebanese territories are stranger than the jump itself.

Throughout investigations, where he was questioned in the presence of a UNIFIL officer stationed in southern Lebanon, Saadati didn’t change his first statement, stressing that he took refuge in Lebanon in order to escape the oppression he was subjected to inside the Zionist entity for being a whoreson.

Security sources told Al-Manar TV that this was not the first time Simon tried to find refuge in another country. He had previously fled to Ukraine but was returned to the Occupied Palestinian territories.

Zionist media promoted that Saadati, 34 years, suffers from a mental disability or psychological problems; however, sources added to Al-Manar TV that the man is very coherent and refused to return to the entity when he met the Red Cross delegation.

Saadati justified his refusal by the mistreatment he was suffering from for being raised by one of the nannies while his parents are still unknown.

Security sources are working to tackle the issue, and upon completion of Saadati’s questioning he would be returned to the entity by UNIFIL.

The long you live, the more you hear; the sons of the Zionist community – which for long had boasted of freedom, coherence and welfare – try to escape oppression in search for asylum, even if it will be in Lebanon.

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