Italians live in fear of poverty: Study


A new study in Italy has shown that the number of people living in fear of poverty is on the rise, Press TV reports.

The study by Censis, a national, social and economic think tank, has shown that every third Italian is severely depressed and lives in fear of falling into absolute poverty.

The study goes on to say that only 30 percent of Italy’s population feels that they are actually being protected by Italy’s welfare system and that most Italians save their money for sudden health and financial problems.

“The country’s general climate is defiantly not one of the nicest. During the crisis families income has slumped 10 percent so far. The same happened to the GDP that has dropped 10 percentage points since 2007 and unemployment levels are among the highest in Europe. Italy means social malaise continues to mount,” the Censis foundation’s Director-General Giuseppe Roma told the Press TV correspondent in Rome.
According to Italy’s National Bureau of Statistics, ISTAT, around 10 million Italians or 17 percent of the total population reside in relative poverty, and 6 million or 10 percent live well below the poverty line.

A homeless person told the correspondent, “Eight years ago I lost my job and my home and moved to Rome, things started out well but after three or four years they collapsed. There are many Italians who live in the same conditions, without a home living in a carton shelter, how can we survive when there are no jobs available?”

Economic analysts say the government’s lack of appropriate intervention and the absence of a national strategy to fight poverty are the main contributors to the scourge of Italy’s poverty.

Successive Italian governments have not been able to provide the reforms required to restore the people’s growth and confidence.


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