Jalili thanks Iranians for insuring Islamic Revolution by turnouts

Secretary of the Supreme National Security Council Saeed Jalili said on Thursday that Iranians insured the Islamic Revolution by public turnouts and proved to their enemies on 30th of December 2009 that the Islamic Revolution is deeply rooted.

He made the remarks in a forum of university professors in Tehran.

Jalili said that the enemies targeted the repubilcanism of the Islamic system and attempted to destabilize the country by the post-presidential election unrest whereas people rushed to the streets to say no to them and changed the dialogue in the international relations employed by the Western governments.

He said that Iran’s enemies had been bitterly defeated in 33 days and 22 days wars Lebanon and Palestine, so they could not tolerate and decided to destablize Iran after the presidential election.

“The West for a long time tried to dictate and impose his own doctrine, principles and model of governing to world nations and to monopolize science in the world but Iranians proved the principles does not work any more in the world,“ Jalili said.

He added that enemies then started uselessly the strategy of imposing cold war against Iran, then started psychological and political wars and imposed sanctions against Iran, but still they are still blowing in the air because they received a big slap in the face by Iranians.

Jalili said Westerners are presenting a self-defined meaning for some concepts such as terrorism and human rights, therefore if any country opposes their definitions they charge it with terrorism, but it is illogical and irrational.

He said that thank God Iranians have come out victorious from the new imposed soft war by West and said Iranians believe that thought and dialogue not nuclear arsenals will prevail over the international community.

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