JCPOA ‘only the least portion of nation’s rights’



IRGC commander-in-chief has said Iran has prepared for military options than for political and diplomatic options.

Maj. Gen. Mohammad Ali Jafari who was addressing the first meeting of IRGC high-ranking commanders on Tuesday, believed that the Islamic Revolution now enjoyes greater and more extended scope in the region, and that the Revolution had been prepared for crises far more than what the enemies had afflicted upon it including sanctions, terrorism, 2009 post-presidential elections unrest, and even political developmens like a Reformist government and a Parliament as Sixth Parliament. “Defending the Islamic Revolution is central to IRGC’s strategies in line with conditions governing the present state of the region; the Revolution has digested every dissident elements who sought to change the essence of the Revolution or stop it in the road to its ideal objectives,” he told the meeting.

Jafari called for alertness against any infiltration by the sixth column of the enemies which acted as their mercenaries. He asked rhetorically whether JCPOA would provide a solution for countries problems: “To see JCPOA a panacea and a successful solution would be naïve and imprudence; those advertising now different versions of JCPOA, primarily at home, inadvertently deviated from the true path of Revolution and tilting toward anti-Revolutionary front,” he emphasized, “JCPOA provides only the least part of nation’s rights and should not and won’t be lionized as a golden chapter and a cause for exhilaration.”

“A nationwide resistance forced the enemy to sit in negotiation table and change its strategy for greater expediencies; however, resistance is different from what had been achieved during negotiations,” he told the meeting. “We would not consider multiple JCPOAs, but the sole objective would be formulated as defeating the enemies and to end their threats along with standing beside Revolutionary ideals; our people adopted JCPOA as a solution only reluctantly, since it has nothing concrete for our problems. Our people would not exchange spirit of the Revolution with passive surrendering to wants of the enemies.”

About the US officials’ recent remarks on Iran’s missile program, IRGC commander told the meeting that the Armed forces including IRGC had been strengthening the defensive structures to face possible invasions from the US and its allies; “our preparations are more against military actions than for diplomatic and political measures; now, our missiles would hit targets in farther distances and with greater precision and would wrought greater devastation on enemies’ strongholds; the US passive inaction explains our missile capabilities which would pin down any army,” he added.

“Arab states of the Persian Gulf are vassal states of the US and the west and the examples of reactionary regimes ever to rule any territory; their brazenness are fed by their reliance on the US,” Jafari emphasized. “On Syria, we will continue our support for Syrian government and its territorial integrity and national sovereignty; disintegration, we believe, is a US-UK-Zionist plot against which we will fight and resist; similarly, in Palestine and Yemen, we will continue support for them to hold the positions,” he concluded.

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