Jordanian MP Expelled for Shaking Hand of Israel Criminal Shimon Peres

Shimon Peres

A Jordanian parliament member was expelled from his faction this week after it was published he visited Israel and shook Israeli President Shimon Peres’ hand.

Muhammad Esa al-Doima is a member of the al-Wasat al-Islamiy party.
Media outlets in the Kingdom reported Monday that his expulsion has been finalized. However, Peres’ office did not respond to the report.

The al-Wasat al-Islamiy party explained that al-Doima was expelled because it opposes any kind of normalization with the Zionist entity. It issued a statement saying the party member “took part in a ceremony held in the Zionist entity to mark its so-called “Independence Day” and even shook the hand of the criminal Shimon Peres – a hand that is stained with the blood of Palestinians.”

A member of al-Wasat al-Islamiy told the local as-Sabeel weekly that al-Doima confessed to participating in the event at the President’s Residence in al-Quds, to which he was invited by the Foreign Ministry.

According to the party member, al-Doima is connected to an energy company which operates in “Israel” and is owned by a Jewish businessman who holds Spanish citizenship.

Parliament members cheered upon hearing of al-Doima’s expulsion. “He should be expelled from parliament, not only from his faction,” said MP Haned al-Faiz. Another MP, Muhammad al-Qatatsha, said “he should be expelled from the Jordanian nation.”

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