JPost: Briefing Fails to Speak of Imminent War Amid Hizbullah’s ’Daring’ Style


According to an “Israeli” JPost analysis on Tuesday, Sunday’s briefing on Hizbullah activity failed to speak about the dangers of an imminent war on the northern border as Hizbullah has adopted a more “proactive and daring” style.

The author of the JPost analysis expressed that while a senior officer in the “Israel” War Forces Northern Command briefed military correspondents on Sunday, he didn’t speak “of the dangers of an imminent war or of an eruption of violence on the northern border.”
“On the contrary, he stated that there was absolutely nothing out of the ordinary about activity on the Lebanese side of the border,” the analysis said.

The JPost analysis further said, “It’s true, he [the senior officer] said, that over the last few weeks, there had been a slight modification that could possibly indicate a more proactive and daring style on the part of Hizbullah [resistance] fighters near the border fence.”

The senior officer admitted that, “Although this is not a new phenomenon, lately they [Hizbullah] have become more daring,” the analysis added.

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