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‘Judgement day is coming for you’: Syria’s Jaafari to Qatar, Turkey over role in Syria

Syria’s permanent representative to the United Nations, Dr. Bashar Jaafari, unleashed a scathing attack against his Qatari and Turkish counterparts, accusing the both country’s regimes of spending billions of dollars to sponsor terrorism inside Syria.

Dr. Al-Jaafari said during his U.N. General Assembly speech on Saturday, December 28th, that “the involvement of the Qatari regime and the Turkish regime in terrorism was revealed by the former Qatari Prime Minister, his name, Hamad bin Jassim, if the representative of Qatar does not know the name of his former prime minister.”

“This person appeared on Qatari TV and said that Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey spent $137 billion dollars to undermine the legitimate government in Syria,” according to statement that was published in Al-Watan.

Dr. Al-Jaafari stressed that this is an important testimony that must be taken into consideration, saying that “other testimonies say that the Qatari regime sponsored terrorism through a bribe to the terrorists who were deployed in the area of ​​separation in the Golan so that they would release the UN forces from the Philippine and Fijian battalions, where Qatar paid $50 million to these criminals, and this bribery came in violation of the Security Council law, which prohibits members from paying bribes to terrorists. ”

“The Qatari regime considers itself to be immune from the next punishment and is wrong because we will punish it and this regime still supports the Al-Nusra Front in Idlib. I do not want to exaggerate this dwarf regime but because it operates under instructions from the American administration, and unfortunately this role is assigned. They have to support the Islamist movements to undermine security and peace in the Arab and Islamic worlds,” he continued.”

He further targeted the Qatari representative by saying that “the day of judgement is coming, so let this message be communicated to the officials of your sponsoring regime of terrorism.”

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