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Kamikaze drones target US forces based at Erbil airport

The United States’ forces based in the military wing of the airport in the northern Iraqi Kurdistan region’s capital of Erbil reportedly come under attack by at least three kamikaze drones.

The attacks were reported early on Sunday at the troops’ base at the airport. 

Iraq’s Sabereen News outlet, affiliated with the Arab country’s resistance groups, said a “massive explosion” rang out across the area during the incident.

The area’s sirens went off and smoke was seen billowing out, it added, and also reported that a considerable military and security buildup had followed the strikes.

Sky News Arabia said the airport had been shut off to all flights for fear of further attacks. 

Kurdish-language television channel, Kurdistan 24 confirmed that the location had been attacked “by at least three drones.”

The channel said the aircraft had been intercepted midair before reaching their target.

A source inside the US-led coalition that occupies Iraq told Kurdistan 24 that the incident had activated the C-RAM (counter rocket, artillery, and mortar) system at the airport.

No person or party has yet claimed responsibility for the strikes.

Iraq’s resistance groups have, however, significantly increased their attacks on the American interests in the country since early last year, when a US drone attack targeted the capital Baghdad.

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