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Kata’ib Hezbollah warns against continued US presence in Iraq

Iraqi Kata'ib Hezbollah or the Hezbollah Brigades stressed the need for US troops to leave Iraq, warning against attempts to infiltrate into Iraq's military apparatuses.

Mohammad Mohi, Kataib Hezbollah’s spokesperson stressed the need for US troops to exit Iraq and warned against attempts to infiltrate the Iraqi military.

According to Lebanese al-Mayadeen TV, Mohi called the attempts to infiltrate Iraq’s military apparatuses a  conspiracy in favor of the ISIL terrorist group.

The Kataib Hezbollah’s spokesperson added that “If the United States does not withdraw from Iraq, it will be taken by surprise Islamist Resistance groups.”

“The main goal of this conspiracy is to overthrow the Iraqi political system,” Mohi added.

Over the past few months, Iraqi Hezbollah has warned against the continuation of the US troops presence in Iraq, stressing that “US troops do not even have the power to defend their elements or their regional allies.”

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