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Koreas agree to hold military talks

North and South Koreas have agreed to hold their first working-level military talks since they exchanged deadly artillery fire in November.

The meeting will be held in the border town of Pan-munjom, on February 8, AFP reported on Tuesday.

The talks will focus on setting the date, place and agenda for a higher-level meeting between the two countries’ defense ministers, the report said.

However, South Korea says the talks will only take place, if the North assumes responsibility for last year’s deadly attack on Yeonpyeong Island and promises that such incidents will never happen again.

Last year, tension on the Korean Peninsula reached its highest level after South Korean warship Cheonan sank near the inter-Korea maritime border in March, leaving 46 South Korean sailors dead.

Though Seoul accuses Pyongyang of involvement in the sinking of its warship, the latter says that aluminum alloy fragments recovered by South Korea prove that no North Korean torpedo was involved in the maritime accident.

Meanwhile, two South Korean marines and two construction workers were killed on November 23, 2010, after North Korea fired dozens of artillery shells at Yeonpyeong Island.

The attack set more than 60 houses ablaze and sent civilians fleeing in terror.

North Korea said the South had provoked its artillery strike against the island.

Seoul and Pyongyang have already agreed in principle to hold military talks.

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