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KSA, Qatar, Turkey goals summed up in ISIL: Analyst


Press TV has conducted an interview with Ali al-Nashmi, political commentator from Baghdad about the goals of ISIS terrorists in Iraq as the army continues its fight against them in the northern areas of the country.

What follows is an approximate transcript of the interview.

Press TV: What is the goal of ISIL in Iraq?

Al-Nashmi: You know the goal, the goals, they have many goals. One of the goals’ basis is on the Persian Gulf agenda. You know the Persian Gulf agenda, especially Saudi Arabia and Qatar, they want to destroy Iraq, and they want to separate Iraq and before that they wanted to separate and destroy Syria because you know there are many dreams for Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia doesn’t want the majority in Iraq ruling Iraq and they don’t want democracy and they don’t want the stability in Iraq because the stability in Iraq means Iraq will support oil, ten million barrel per day. This is not their interest. And Qatar, they want and they are planning to pipeline gas, gas pipeline from Qatar to Europe from Iraq and Syria and to Turkey.

There are many goals and the goals of Turkey, all those goals leading to the goals of Daesh. They wanted to destroy Iraq and the one slogan to establish the Islamic caliphate in Iraq. They used Turkey’s agenda, Saudi agenda and Qatar agenda. They used them, they supported them, they encouraged them and they knew and they know that they cannot make a state in that place between Syria and Iraq, but they will fail. When they fail, when Iraq is destroyed and when Syria is destroyed and that is their goal or that I said this is that they use it.

Now the dream or the goal, if they say it specially focusing, the dreams or the goal of Daesh, they want a sectarian goal, they want to kill the majority in Iraq, they want to relieve the Shia from Iraq because they have a sectarian goal. They are wicked people and they are idiot people and they fill their minds with Wahabi ideas. This is their goal but Saudi Arabia and Qatar and Turkey use that thinking to destroy Iraq.

Press TV: If there is any notion of any type of political solution which obviously that’s where the solution should lie aside from any type of military activities of which these Takfiris are actually committing gross human violation to say the least. Nouri al-Maliki is embodying that. He won not the majority but he won the most seats based on elections that came up and he said that when July the first comes, he’s going to talk about forming the government. What is wrong with that or is there a pressure from the outside such as the United Stated, Saudi Arabia and maybe other countries to push Maliki into a different direction?

Al-Nashmi: This is part of the game. Now what they are doing now is pushing against al-Maliki. This is the democracy. We must respect democracy. This is the democracy as we know, the majority and you elect a new parliament, you elect a new government and a larger list, they compose or found the government. This is the democracy.

In order words, I say, this is a plan, a plan from many agendas even from the Kurdish. My colleague from Kurdistan, he is a lawyer for Turkey. I don’t know what kind of relationship between Turkey and Kurdistan. Now who accept, who win what is happening in Iraq, the Kurdish, because they larger their land and they control on the land and say, “We are on the land and we will not leave our land and anyone who comes to Karkuk, we will fight”. In other words, they say, there are many many parts, many places, many countries, sharing, participating what’s happening in Iraq now.

But what about al-Maliki? Yes, al-Maliki made many mistakes as my colleague says about al-Sahwah, yes. Al-Sahwah, they are the Sunni Iraqis, they relieve Al-Qaeda from Iraq and this is the best way to fight Al-Qaeda and Daesh by the local people, the native, for example, al-Sahwah.

Yes, the Iraqi government made a big mistake when they weakened al-Sahwah. This is the best way now to return al-Sahwah and to make a new government as the election says, the result of the election.

We are not ready, the Iraqi government and the Iraqi people, they are not ready to obey America always. And there is one slogan: if you don’t change your government, if you must share many parties (that) they didn’t win, and the government, we will not help you. The Iraqi government and the people of Iraq, they are not ready to obey them but respect their ideas.

In other words, John Kerry and Mr. President Obama said, “We don’t have a right to push the Iraqis or al-Maliki to change his words but we give him advice”. As Kerry does it and as the European Union does it and what as the foreign minister of England, they came here to say the same advice.

On the other side, our fighting as Prime Minister said yesterday and today, our solution, it must be based on the two pillars: military and political. Political not mean we must participate the people who are against the Iraqi democracy or who are the failure in the democracy. We must share who win. And now who fight the invasion of Daesh in the north that we must put in the new government next week.

Press TV: Can you please answer our guest there Othman Ali [the other guest of the program] to what you had said?

Al-Nashmi: I am a professor of the history. I knew and I know Karkuk. It’s part of Iraq and never in the history the Kurdish people were the majority in Karkuk. This is the first. And the second, yes, it’s not part of Kurdistan. It’s part of Iraq, I mean. I put in the jail for three months because I defended the Kurdish rights and when Saddam Hussein attacked the Kurdish by chemical weapons I put in the jail and I suffered because I defend the Kurdish because I am Iraqi and Kurdish people are Iraqi and the professors of Kurdish knew that and went march about my jail.

But what’s happening, it’s not the Iraqi people do it, Saddam Hussein did it. When he did it with the Kurdish, he did it with the Shia and he did it with the Sunni. He killed in the intifada in 1991 more than a quarter million in the north. He killed more than he did it in Kurdistan and we will not ready to punish us because Saddam Hussein is from Arab. This is not right to do it because we are suffering more than …

When Kurdistan says we must stay with Iraq, that means they must respect, respect the constitution and they respect the central government. What they are doing now, they are out of the government, now it’s not a federation. This is confederation and more. is a good leader and his father, he did many good things for the Kurdish and we respect them but he doesn’t have right to control all the land and say, “I am here, I will fight the central government, I will not recognize the central government.”












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