KSA to recognize al-Qaeda state in Iraq

KSA to recognize al-Qaeda state in Iraq

An interview with Sabah Jawad, director of Iraqi Democrats Against Occupation, London about the recent unrest in Iraq’s Anbar Province town partly controlled by al-Qaeda and Iraqi army’s plans to storm their base.
KSA to recognize al-Qaeda state in Iraq
Question: There are many that want to portray what is going on in Iraq as a sectarian conflict; however, as our report just showed Sunni tribesmen are also taking part in supporting the government efforts to purge al-Anbar of al-Qaeda-linked militants.

That is quite a significant development wouldn’t you say?

Jawad: Yes of course. The government is quite sensitive about it. The government doesn’t want to be seen as fighting the Sunni population in al-Anbar province.

However, this battle for al-Anbar, Ramadi and Fallujah is crucial for both sides, crucial for the government and crucial for the al-Qada terrorist group as well because the government wants to prevent the area of al-Anbar to be a link as a logistic support for the terrorists in Syria.

And as you know the Syrian terrorist groups and the Iraqi terrorist groups they have joined their military commands and they conduct operations and logistic lines between the two countries. The Iraqi government doesn’t want this to happen.

Also, al-Qaeda and the [so-called] Islamic State of Iraq (ISIL) in Syria are also under attack now by other Islamic forces in Syria. They are fighting amongst each other all these extremist organizations and terrorist organizations and therefore the State of Iraq in Syria want to maintain its link to the Iraq territory to get support from there.

So, this battle is going to be crucial for both sides the Iraqi government and the Syrian and Iraqi al-Qaeda related groups as well.

Q: There are those that speak of Saudi Arabia’s role in supporting these al-Qaeda affiliated groups namely the ISIL (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant) as you’ve just pointed out.

What kind of benefits does that give Saudi Arabia by supporting these al-Qaeda militants and also creating as many are pointing out a ‘state within a state’ with regards to Iraq?

Jawad: There are press reports in Baghdad actually emerging today that some of the captured terrorists in al-Anbar declared that actually they were in the process – in a couple of weeks times they will be in the process – of declaring an independent Islamic state in al-Anbar province.

And that state when it is declared is going to be recognized by one [Persian] Gulf State presumably Saudi Arabia. So, obviously the Saudis are very keen to bolster their sterling campaign in Syria and they want to create havoc in the Middle East basically.

Look at what’s happening in Lebanon; look at what’s happening in Iraq, Yemen and even Russia.

This Saudi regime has gone mad. They know that they cannot survive in the 21st century and therefore they want to stay in power by creating sectarian wars in the Middle East.

They are having even alliances with the Israelis – cooperation with the Israelis to create this chaos in the Middle East.

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