Saudi Arabia

Kuwaiti scholar to Saudis: Don’t speak on behalf of Sunnis

Kuwaiti scholar to Saudis

A Kuwaiti scholar has criticized Saudi official’s anti-Iranian positions.

Mehr News reported that Abdullah al-Nafisi asked Saudi officials not to speak on behalf of Sunni Muslims. He was speaking in reaction to support lavished to Israel by Walid bin Talal, a Saudi Prince in probable attack against Iran.

Al-Nafisi addressed Talal. “What right you have been granted to speak on behalf of all Sunni Muslims?” he asked rhetorically.

“Walid bin Talal is not an Al-Azhar University sheikh to talk on behalf of Sunni Muslims,” he wrote in his Facebook page. “Under no circumstance did you have the right to speak in advocacy of the Muslims, as you are not qualified to do so,” he wrote further.

Following the Israeli officials’ threats to attack Iran, Walid bin Talal a Saudi prince and owner of Al-Arabiya told Wall Street Journal correspondent who asked whether Arab states would support an Israeli attack against Iran that “they [Arab states] will oppose in public, but in private, they would support the attack

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