Land bridge from Iran to Syria nearly complete: official

The mayor of Al-Qa’im in Iraq’s Al-Anbar Governorate told the Sputnik News Agency on Friday, September 6th that his country’s government was preparing to reopen their border with Syria after several weeks of construction.

Speaking to Sputnik, Ahmad Jidyan, Al-Qa’im’s mayor, said that 90 percent of the Iraqi-Syrian border at Albukamal has been rehabilitated.

Despite previously setting the reopening date on September 7th, Jidyan said the border crossing will actually be reopened on a later date, as the project’s construction continues on both sides of the border.

Jidyan said the last 10 percent of the construction has to do with logistical work, in particular, the restoration of electricity at the crossing.

For Syria, the reopening of their border crossing with Iraq will be a major boost for their economy as trade and commerce between both countries should be increased substantially.

Furthermore, once the border is reopened, Syria will benefit greatly from Iran’s ground transportation of oil.

As of now, Syria relies on Iran’s transportation of oil via sea; however, with the new land bridge from Iraq, they will be able to avoid such travel routes.

At the same time, a new land bridge between Iraq and Iran is nearly complete in the northeastern part of the Diyala Governorate, another Iraqi official told Sputnik.

The new crossing will be opened in the town of Al-Munzhiriyah and will allow up to 1,200 people to pass through the border each day.

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