Larijani: US has strategic bonds with regional despotic regimes

IRI Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani said on Thursday that the Americans have strategic bonds with the dictatorial governments in the region which reveals their deceptive and untrue policies.

Addressing the Ninth International Seminar of Women Quranic Researchers held in Milad Tower Conferences Hall, he added that political turmoil at the international scene is the outcome of distancing from the truth.

Larijani contended that if the policy is not based on truth, it will produce mistrust at the international scene.

He deplored the US prolonged animosity toward Iran orchestrating anti-Iran campaign over Iranian human rights record, he noted that today they have resorted to human rights as a weapon against Iran.

Stating that the US is creating hue and cry about Iran’s peaceful nuclear program, this is while they themselves admitted in 2003 that Iran nuclear program is peaceful. But today the zionist regime and the US have ordered the IAEA to label Iran’s nuclear activities as weaponized.

Those who are seeking management of the world should know that the nations have been awakened and are aware of their deceptive policies, Larijani said.

The Islamic Republic of Iran has removed all the obstacles created by the enemies thanks to its vigilance and indigenization of various technologies, he said.

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