Latakia: Al-Nusra Suffers Significant Setback; Syrian Army Enters Salma


One day after losing control of the strategic town of Doreen in northeast Latakia, the Syrian Al-Qaeda group “Jabhat Al-Nusra” suffered another major setback, as the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and National Defense Forces (NDF) broke-through their frontline defenses on the outskirts of Salma and entered the city for the first time since 2012.

The SAA and NDF entered Salma after Jabhat Al-Nusra’s defenses were substantially weakened by an intense bombing campaign from the Syrian Arab Air Force (SAAF) that left the remaining militants entrenched in the mountainous area in a fragile state.

According to a military source, the SAA and NDF were able to capture the local plum orchards on the outskirts of Salma, resulting in their eventual entry into Salma and their advance into the Islamic Center neighborhood.

Over 50 Jabhat Al-Nusra fighters have been killed during the fierce clashes in northeastern Latakia, including the following identified militants: Habib Al-Zareeqi, Shaqeeb Al-Marzouqi, “Abu Anas Al-Muhajar”, Rashaad Awraghou, Tamer Al-Fadli, Zakaria Al-Haswaani, Mahmoud Al-Dandal, Sayyah Al-Sayid, and Mohammad Zarba.

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