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Latest News until 14pm from Egypt source Ikhwanweb

16 :03
Massive Army reinforcements sent to downtown Cairo and Tahrir Square
15 :58
Confirmed: Army receives orders to shoot at protestors and protect the regime
15 :50
F-16 fighter jets fly over protestors in Tahrir Sqaure
15 :33
One Army vehicle burned down in October 6th city, outside Cairo
15 :27
Army units on outskirts of Cairo are loyal to dictatorial regime, willing to commit massacres
15 :24
Clashes between Army troops and remnants of criminal police officers in Alexandria
15 :21
Army troops in midtown Cairo will defy orders to shoot at protestors
15 :20
Directly from Cairo: Reports of divisions between Army high and mid-level ranks on handling the crisis
14 :57
Eyewitnesses: Several martyrs shot in the head by sniper bullets
14 :51
Shameful US silence about killing of protestors proves its conspiracy against Egyptian uprising
14 :41
Egyptians bracing for massacres after evacuating foreign citizens
14 :26
Several countries begin emergency evacuation of their citizens from Egypt
14 :18
Reports of American greenlight for Mubarak to use special forces to crush the uprising
14 :06
Thousands of political prisoners flee, among 34 MB members

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