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Lé Figaro:Saudi Arabia and Qatar clash over Syria using Salafists and Muslim Brotherhood

The French newspaper of the Lé Figaro has revealed in a report published on its page that a clash has been fired out between Qatar and Saudi Arabia to control on the militants in Syria.

The Newspaper indicted that Saud Royal family have been directing fund and arms to Salafists, whereas Al-Thani of Qatar have been supporting the armed groups of Muslim brotherhood.

Isam, a leader of an armed group in Damascus countryside has been quoted by the newspaper as saying “a dispute has occurred in early past September in the operations headquarter, which is located in Adana of Turkey.”

Isam added, “Representatives for the royal king of Saudi Arabia and the Qatari prince, who both work under the supervision of Turkey, have disputed over where to direct their fund and support; for the Salafists or the Muslim brotherhood.”

“Since then, each have been working independently, Isam said”.

The Newspaper depends on its report on testimonies by the leaders of armed groups, confirming the ongoing clash between the two sides of KSA and Qatar.

One of the leaders has stated that Saudi Arabia has been outraged by Qatar for supporting the Muslim brotherhood, “Saudis want to support the Salafists, said the Free Army leader”.

Abu Hamza said that he went for several times to Turkey in order to seek military support and fund via the Muslim Brotherhood, but the negotiations have been filed due to their insistence on controlling on the operations which have been operated in Syria, in which we refuse, said Abu Hamza.”

The paper adds that Al – Thani decision to unite the groups in northern Edlib has gigged Al-Saud, who in turn asked their cells at home to find leaders led by their representatives on the ground and under the supervision of Lebanese MP Okab Saker, who’s in Turkey, helping to distribute the money and deliver it to terrorists.

This very matter has resulted in establishing two commands or more for the terrorists inside Syria… what has been making it more complicated, for all parts, the Newspaper concluded.

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