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Leader Imam Khamenei said I miss my beloved Sayyed!

An anecdote of Imam Khamenei visiting the tomb of martyr Sayyaad Shirazi, two days after his burial

When the body of martyr Sayyaad was laid to rest, the next morning his family did their morning prayers and went to Behesht Zahra cemetery. When they arrived near the tomb of the martyr, there were security guards they did not know, preventing the crowd. The presence of the guards meant Imam Khamenei was visiting. They said they were Martyr Sayyad-Shirazi’s family. When they introduced themselves, the security allowed them to get close. It was revealed that Imam Khamenei had been there since the morning prayers.
The family of the martyr said: You came very early! Imam Khamenei replied: “I miss my beloved Sayyaad!”

But, how long was it since Sayyad-Shirazi was martyred? Imam Khamenei had met with the martyr just two days before his martyrdom. He was laid to rest only a day before. Imam Khamenei had gone to visit his tomb even earlier than his family. Just as it was rare to see Imam Khamenei kiss Sayyad’s coffin, his early visit and missing Sayyad so much was also rare to see; or it might had happened, without me knowing of. I had not heard of a similar case where Imam Khamenei visited the resting place of a martyr one day after his burial.
As narrated by Amir Naser Arasteh, a comrade of martyr Sayyaad Shirazi’s during the war

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