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Leader of Islamic Ummah and Oppressed S. Khamanei Criticizes Spread of Discrimination in US on social media


The official twitter account of the Iranian Supreme Leader said in a post released on the occasion of the Martin Luther King Day that discrimination still prevails in the US.
The Leader’s tweets marked the birthday of the prominent civil rights activist on Monday, press tv reported.

“Today, not only Asian, African and Latin American nations but also American people are treated out of injustice by the US,” said one tweet, using hashtags #Ferguson and #MLK.

This year’s celebrations were held in the wake of nationwide Black Lives Matter demos over the past months in protest at racial profiling against African Americans, which were triggered by police killings of two black men in Ferguson and Staten Island.

Another tweet further criticized the US government over its failure to establish social justice in the country, adding that the recent protests of blacks in US clearly prove this fact.

“Many years have passed since equality of blacks and whites was first declared on paper in US, but discrimination still prevails,” read a tweet.

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