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Leader Of Ummah and Oppressed People: Iran’s model of progress is the fruit of Islamic Revolution


Leader of the Islamic Ummah and Oppressed People, Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, today hailed formulation of the Islam’s Iranian Model of Progress as a very grand, sublime, long-term and durable project and stressed that “materialization of the Islamic-Iranian Model warrants it to be a factor of discourse of among the elites of the society.”

He told members of the Supreme Council of the Center for Designing the Islamic-Iranian Model of Progress and its affiliated think-tanks, “Designing of the Islamic-Iranian Model of Progress is indeed among the fruits of the Islamic Revolution and the planning of a modern and advanced civilization in all spheres, based on Islamic thought…”
Pointing to the fact that the current world is influenced by the western civilization and model of progress and that the western civilization has dominated all aspects of life, the Leader reiterated, “In such circumstances, designing of the Islamic-Iranian Model of Progress requires bravery, prowess and a very strong motive.”
He called thought as the main spirit of the move and referring to the modifiability of any defects or likely flaws in the long-term process, added, “In this move, besides avoiding any rashness, new experiences and young talents should be used so that the engine of the move would never be extinguished.”
Elaborating on the presence of the young, highly motivated and talented scientists in the advanced scientific centers such as Nano and nuclear technology as well as defence industries, Ayatollah Khamenei went on to say, “We should trust the youth, for the youth and their motives and exuberance are interminable.”
The Leader of the Islamic Revolution deemed Islamic principles as the basis for designing of the Islamic-Iranian Model of Progress, stating, “In all stages of designing this model Islamic principles should be kept in mind comprehensively and exactly; and there shouldn’t be any compliments.”
He said benefiting from the theological seminaries (Houza) is a requirement for implementation of this issue, and added: “The four domains of thought, knowledge, spirituality and life, should be emphasized in the designing of the Islamic-Iranian Model of Progress…”

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