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Leaderof Islamic Ummah and Oppressed S. Khamanei: Fingerprints of Enemy Intelligence in Recent Regional Crisis Obvious


The Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution of Iran said on Monday that the enemies of Islam feared ‘the reality of awareness of Islamic Umma,’ and they “work to face Islam with their own apparatus and undercover an American-style Islam.”

He quoted Imam Khomeini’s distinction made between the true Islam and American-style Islam when the late Imam said: “The latter, albeit having a genuine Islamic title, tolerates Zionism and despotism; accepts the rule of tyrants, and fully lends itself to its objectives,” the Leader said.

He believed that the evidence showing the fingerprints of the ‘enemy’s intelligence system’ in recent crisis in Islamic societies especially in Iraq was obvious.

Addressing a group of select Quran reciters and memorizers in the first day of holy month of Ramadan, Ayatollah Khamenei said the role played by the Quran reciters in leading the Islamic society to understand the Quran was very strategic, important and priceless.

“Any plans for the Quran should be focused upon bringing the public at home with the Quranic concepts,” his eminence stressed.

“The Islamic society would find ‘internal coherence’ through ever-increasing familiarity with the Quran,” the Leader said, underlying the importance to contribute to the society’s capability to move forward and meet the challenges ahead.

The Leader cited ‘improving the belief and reliance upon God and His promises,’ and ‘ruling out fears of sublunary concerns’ as the boons of the love of the Quran.

“Reflecting on the Quran saves the Islamic society from the abyss of ignorance and horror, and leads it to the lights of knowing the Creator; which is a major need of the Islamic society to meet challenges ahead,” the Leader asserted.

Ayatollah Khamenei called all Quran reciters and memorizers to ‘strict adherence to religious tenets.’

“You should provide the country’s youth with the ‘best example’ to act upon,” the Supreme Leader said.

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