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Lebanese Army Commander from Arsal Outskirts: Terrorists Will Pay Price for Their Treachery

The Army Command Directorate General issued the following statement on Wednesday:

Marking the second anniversary of ‘Fajr al-Joroud’ (Dawn of the Outskirts) battle, Lebanese Army Commander, General Joseph Aoun, visited Wadi al-Dib in the town of Arsal, where he laid a wreath on the monument of a number of martyrs that were kidnapped by terrorists back in 2014. He also lit a torch to commemorate their sacrifices.

General Aoun then visited the military units deployed in the region and said, “This monument is a message to future military and civilian generations to testify to the treachery of terrorism. Our presence is a message to every terrorist that we will not forget our martyrs, and that terrorists will pay the price for their treachery.”

“What the army has done in these outskirts is an achievement on a wide Lebanese scale, and we will continue the road no matter how long; armies are built to defend their land and people, whatever the sacrifices,” the Army Commander added.

“Since the founding of the Lebanese army to this day, we still remember the first martyr killed on the battlefield. Army men have been martyred to stay. This incident will remain in our memory so that our country can continue to live safely,” he concluded.

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