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Lebanese cleric calls Muslims, Christians for anti-Takfir campaign


Grand Ayatollah Abdul Amir Qabalan, head of Lebanon’s Supreme Shia Council issued a message on liberation of border areas of the country from Takfiri terrorist groups by Hezbollah forces calling Muslims and Christians to unite against extremist terrorists, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).

He urged Lebanese nation to stand in a unified front against Takfiri and Zionists who have targeted the nation, army, unity and security of Lebanon.

Ayatollah Qabalan stressed,” The war for liberation of Lebanon from Takfiri terrorists have begun to save the whole nation form terrorist groups involved in massacre and displacing of the people” and added that achieving the objective depends on solidarity of the nation and their loyalty to the equation of army, nation and resistance which has secured the country up to now.”

Head of the Supreme Shia Council in Lebanon concluded,” It is a necessity for the brave nation of Lebanon to maintain their solidarity and peaceful coexistence of the Muslims and Christians to confront enemies of humanity and annihilate Takfiri terrorist groups.”

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