Lebanese FM: Arab League Decision against Syria Planned Earlier

Lebanese Foreign Minister Adnan Mansour said the Arab decision against Syria was not surprising for the decision was planned before the Arab League meeting.

Mansour, who took part in the meeting Saturday and voted along with the Yemeni foreign minister against the decision, said the decision to suspend Syria’s participation in the Arab League meetings was a dangerous one.

He assured that he rejected to vote for the decision for the dangerous points it included that also open the way for foreign countries as well as the United Nation’s complete intervention in the Syria affairs that is the Arab files.

The Lebanese foreign minister noted that there were no interjections during the entire meeting, except by the Syrian representative, and from him as well as the Iraqi foreign minister who abstained from voting.

Mansour considered that such decisions will not help in solving the situation in Syria, but will rather worsen it, and indicated the decision took one firm stance and ignored all the measures that Syria took in favor of the Arab League’s first decision that sought ending the unrest in Syria.

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