Lebanese Global March to Al-Quds to Reach Nabatieh

The Lebanese branch of the Global March to al-Quds announced Saturday that the rally is to head to Beaufort Castle, east of the southern town, Nabatieh and not the borders with Occupied Palestine.

Media Advisor of the March in Lebanon Abdul Malik Sukaryeh revealed that the Lebanese Army Command informed the organizers its decision to officially allow the participants in the march to head to Beaufort Castle.
He also called “all Lebanese participants and Palestinian refugees to carry only the Lebanese and Palestinian flags during the march,” appealing to them “to act for the sake of this occasion, and abstain from any sensitivities in service of the ultimate goal, i.e. Palestine.”

Last spring, the “Israeli” army killed around 10 Palestinians and injured nearly 100 more on Nakba Day protests on the Lebanese southern borders.

On March 30th, Palestinians inside Palestinian cities and villages in the West
Bank and Gaza and the 1948 lands will march toward al-Quds.
Thousands of Palestinians head to pray at the al-Aqsa Mosque and Church of the Sepulchre in the Holy city.

Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of supporters, including Palestinian refugees, Arabs and Muslims will organize mass rallies in bordering countries to Occupied Palestine.

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